6 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Is Not Performing
6 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Is Not Performing
By Masoud Waleed
Apr 13, 2022
We have a saying in the video industry: "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to see it, was it really a great video?" When used in context, this phrase suggests that money spent on social media marketing will be wasted if your message isn't getting through to your specific target audience. Early in our career, we realized that there were some things about the way we were producing content that was not showing results. So we did some testing and analysis to identify the problem. We figured out what was working and what wasn't. Chances are, you're facing a similar issue. Here are 6 reasons why your social media marketing is not performing: 1. You lack storytelling 2. Your video is not optimized for different social channels 3. You're stuck at the awareness stage 4. You don't have a call to action 5. There's no hook 6. It's not clear what you exactly do
1. You lack storytelling:

Storytelling is the secret sauce in powerful content creation. No one wants to hear about your product quality. It’s all about how engaging the content is for the viewer.

What to do: there are 3 things you must figure out before telling a story: 1. your business goal, 2. your target audience and 3. your social media content pillars.

 The last thing we want is to show a random irrelevant video that has no story. Next, you create a story based on your content pillars to have a purpose behind your content.


2. Your video is not optimized for different social channels:

Posting the same video on all social media channels makes you look careless. Understand the language of each social platform & craft your content accordingly.

What to do: Here’s a quick guide for social optimization:

Facebook: videos should be short and sweet. In other words, try to keep your Facebook vids under 90 seconds long. (16:9) ratio


Twitter: The sweet spot for maximum viewership and engagement is about 30-45 seconds long, and we recommend using a teaser instead of the full video to bring traffic back to your website. (16:9) ratio


YouTube: From quick helpful guides to longer educational videos, YouTube is a great place to host your long-form videos. (16:9) ratio


Instagram: Instagram has long been a place for those who appreciate and share visual creativity. Go for shorter form content that’s below 1 minute for the regular video, 15 seconds for stories, and a longer form explainer video for IGTV (1:1) and (9:16) ratio.


LinkedIn:  Keep your videos clean, polished, and professional. This is the go-to spot for B2B professionals to connect with new prospects, network with peers and showcase their work experience and credentials.


  1. Make content specifically for the FYP page
  2. Use trendy video ideas, sounds, and effects
  3. Collaborate with other Tiktokers
  4. Create content for your niche audience
3. You're stuck at the awareness stage:


Video marketing is more than “we are xyz company and we sell xyz product.” Your video has to go through all stages of the buyer’s journey, not just awareness.

What to do: You have to create videos that go through each stage of the buyer’s journey process: 1. Awareness 2. Consideration 3. Conversion 4. Loyalty.

4. You don't have a call to action:

The user is never sure what they should do after watching your video. Should they shop online? Join your course? Dm for more info? Get clear on what you want them to do.

What to do: Add relevant call to action at the end of each video depending on where you want to take them: Visit the website, call now, download the app, etc.

5. There's no hook:

There’s no need to have an unnecessarily long intro. We consume thousands of ads each day; keep it short, catchy & straightforward.

What to do: 

  1. Start With a Fact.
  2. Ask a question
  3. Surprise with an unexpected intro
  4. Start With a Problem & Offer a Solution.
  5. Open With a Joke.
  6. Hint at a Story.
6. It's not clear what you exactly do:

Treat your audience like how you’d treat a 5-year-old. Don’t just assume that people know what you offer because they don’t.

For example, Burger video ads can be misleading; Are you promoting the grill, patty, spatula, or a restaurant?

What to do: Keep yourself open. Don’t think about what your brand is already. Step back, and think about if you were an alien who knew nothing about the things your brand sells. If you did that, how would you write to someone?


If you complete the steps outlined here, you’ll be in a better place in terms of your social media marketing.

In your opinion, what’s the biggest social media marketing mistake that people usually make?

If you’re ready to start building a great social media marketing strategy with your team, let us help. Let’s cook up something sweet together.