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Nov, 1, 2021
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I’m excited to reveal our new startup @humansaucer. We’ve built this awesome branding agency that helps build epic brands for humans, not aliens. We help entrepreneurs with marketing, branding experiences, web design, and development & everything in between

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Waleed Masoud Marketing strategist, content writer

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6 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Is Not Performing

We have a saying in the video industry: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to see it, was it really a great video?”

When used in context, this phrase suggests that money spent on social media marketing will be wasted if your message isn’t getting through to your specific target audience.

Early in our career, we realized that there were some things about the way we were producing content that was not showing results.

So we did some testing and analysis to identify the problem. We figured out what was working and what wasn’t. Chances are, you’re facing a similar issue.

No One’s Going To Steal Your Business Ideas (Don’t Be Afraid To Share)

There’s a fear amongst many small business owners that someone is going to swoop in, take their business idea for a product or service, and beat them to market.

Sometimes it feels like this fear keeps you up at night and stops you from creating opportunities for yourself and your business.

Jotting down new business ideas can be tough; at Human Saucer, we do it all the time, especially once you start getting some traction. Despite what the experts may say, sharing those new ideas with friends and family can help your business grow exponentially.