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Nov, 1, 2021
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I’m excited to reveal our new startup @humansaucer. We’ve built this awesome branding agency that helps build epic brands for humans, not aliens. We help entrepreneurs with marketing, branding experiences, web design, and development & everything in between

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Waleed Masoud Marketing strategist, content writer

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4 Tips to Build a Personal Brand

Everyone has his or her own personal branding. It’s like your signature that you leave behind everywhere you go.

We’re sure that people out there don’t even realize they already have a personal brand, but they do. They are simply not aware of it.

We’re going to let you in one a little secret…personal branding isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. We’ve gathered a few proven tips that will help get you started.

The Secret Behind Gift-Giving & Why Is It Important For Your Marketing Strategy?

Ever thought about the reason why gift-giving makes us so happy and delighted? And Why do brands commonly use it as a marketing strategy? 


At some point in our lives, nearly everyone gives and receives a gift. And regardless of whether we watch the woman in front of us giving birth to a baby at the hospital or we see a child who receives a toy from Santa, we share the same reactions: we smile, laugh, and feel good.