No One's Going To Steal Your Business Ideas
No One’s Going To Steal Your Business Ideas (Don’t Be Afraid To Share)
By Masoud Waleed
Apr 13, 2022
There's a fear amongst many small business owners that someone is going to swoop in, take their business idea for a product or service, and beat them to market. Sometimes it feels like this fear keeps you up at night and stops you from creating opportunities for yourself and your business. Jotting down new business ideas can be tough; at Human Saucer, we do it all the time, especially once you start getting some traction. Despite what the experts may say, sharing those new ideas with friends and family can help your business grow exponentially. Here's why sharing your business ideas will help you grow: 1. Build a community 2. Identify pain points 3. Connect the dots
1: Build a community:

Your inner circle will help shape your product. Before you even launch, you’ll have your first fans, your second family that will stick with you through the life of your product.

: Run a focus group of at least 10 people at a time and let your audience test your product; chances are you’ll get a lot of valuable feedback for you to work on, and you’ll get to build a community on the way.

  1. Identify the necessary participants
  2. Build rapport and keep it light
  3. Ask appropriate questions to gain insight
  4. Keep track of comments, input, suggestions
  5. Follow up with all the participants for feedback
2. Identify pain points:

You’ll gather user feedback, make changes, and gather more feedback until you develop the best product possible based on your customer’s needs.


Example: Test & trial your idea until you get it right.

  1. Make a list of all services you provide
  2. List what obstacles prevent customers from buying your services
  3. Strategizing solution based on current customers needs
3. Connect the dots:

Only you can make your idea a reality. You got the Aha! Moment because you knew how to connect the dots; chances are others wouldn’t know how to do it as you do.

Example: When you’re looking to prove your business idea, it is best to talk with an expert in the industry and someone who has a vested interest in your success. So do share your ideas, but don’t share them blindly.


Here’s some advice: share your business ideas early and often (carefully). That way, you’ll be the first to start building your online presence (you’ll also beat your competitors to the punch). Also, keep in mind that no one can steal your business idea – so don’t hold back!

If you’re ready to start building something incredible with your team, let us help. Let’s cook up something sweet together.