Our Story - Human Saucer
Our Story
By Masoud Waleed
Feb 15, 2022
Our Story

I’m excited to reveal our new startup @humansaucer. We’ve built this awesome branding agency that helps build epic brands for humans, not aliens. We help entrepreneurs with marketing, branding experiences, web design, and development & everything in between

Here's how it all started

We started with two questions: why are so many brands alienating their customers? And why do most brands lack purpose?

And then we dug deeper.

After years of working as marketers and helping a lot of clients, we know one thing that doesn’t work for businesses.

Lack of purpose in brands

We realized that we’re bombarded every day with meaningless ads from brands that lack purpose. We get ads in our mailbox, ads on the TV, radio, and social media; every place we turn, we find businesses that talk about how “great” they are. It is frustrating. There are too many of them, and they don’t give us any value.

We want to change that, and we think you do too

We don’t like meaningless brands either. That’s why we’re focusing on how we can help our communities, empower our customers, and create more meaningful connections instead of trying to make money with ads and trickery.

We aren't your typical marketing agency

We put people first. Big, bold logos and catchy slogans don’t appeal to the human soul. The way we see it, if you build a bridge strong enough, your customers will walk across it. And they’ll know you’re the real deal by the way that bridge looks and feels beneath their feet.