Understanding your money shouldn’t be difficult. But the reality is, we are often stuck with indecipherable codes and letters when trying to understand where our money goes. Don’t believe it? Just look at your recent transaction on any of your mobile banking app. Enter Lune, a tech company focusing on transaction data enrichment to democratize financial data for all by transforming transaction language to easy-to-understand, accurate, and clear visual. There is one problem though: their website is (ironically) lacking the clarity that it is trying to offer, with overly technical content and rigid visual dominating the page.

The Approach

Simplify, simplify, simplify, and make it pretty. We tear down all the unnecessary elements and overly technical parts of the previous web design, replacing them with a clear, easy-to-understand visual. On top of that, every wording on the new site is written with consumer in mind, using simple and informative copy while keeping the tone professional and courteous to achievefamiliarity within Lune’s primary customer base: big banks and fintechs. Finally, a website worthy of the region’s leading transaction data enrichment platform.