We are Human Saucer, a new breed of creative agency focusing on design and communications that combines future-oriented strategic thinking and human-oriented creative solution.
In a world where everything else is laser-focused on being innovative, we help brands find that perfect balance of innovation and humanity, creating ideas that are not just loud and ground-breaking, but also resonates with people, spanning from brand identity to digital solutions.




Future-driven, innovative approach. Our creative approach to every brief is embedded deep in that “what’s next” mindset to consistently come up with something new. Who likes boring, anyway?


Human-centric at the core, we help
transform brands to something loved by consumers everywhere with a relevant approach that is close to the heart. In short, it’s a de-alieanization.


We constantly ask ourselves: “How can we make it effective?” and strive to do just that. All the foofoos mean nothing if they don’t work, right?


Logo of Farzana, featuring stylized text of the brand name.
Al Ain Farms' logo, featuring the brand's name with a depiction of a farm and animals.
Logo of Chowking, featuring the brand's name in stylized red and yellow lettering.
Wordmark logo of Shokri, displaying the company's name in bold, stylized typography.
Fauchon Paris logo depicted in elegant white script.
Olfamily logo depicted in elegant white script.
Farmila logo depicted in elegant white script.
Lavida logo depicted in elegant white script.
By Sahar Karmostaji logo depicted in elegant white script.
Lune logo depicted in elegant white script.
Jollibee wordmark logo in vibrant and bold typography.
and many more...


“Human Saucer shows that you can be playful while being serious about your business.”

-Aliya, Olfamily Pets
Olfamily logo displayed as building signage on a city street.

“Human Saucer really goes the extra mile to realize our vision.”

- Sahar Karmostaji
Cropped image of a model with a white complexion, holding a green clutch bag with a gold clasp.

“With how they go beyond to really help us grow, Human Saucer is practically part of our team.”

- Helal, Lune Data
Lune white wordmark logo on a green background.
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