When it comes to fresh produce, what is the most important key to a really “fresh” produce? Not just the soil it’s grown from. Not merely the fertilizer. The answer? It’s the commitment. The commitment to always provide the best, and do more than what was asked to ensure consistency in excellence. And as one of the leading distributors of fresh produce in the region, that commitment is what makes Shokri the brand it is today.

The Approach

As a brand with decades of experience and excellent reputation, Shokri needed a new identity that is able to do them justice. While the natural place is to go for that earthy, greenish space between craft paper and hand lettering, with the word “Fresh” and “Organic” spammed all around, we opted for the other way around by creating a clean, modern identity with popping neon green that is usually so identical with on-site construction worker, exuding professionalism and commitment. The tagline “Rooted in Excellence”, refers to Shokri’s blue collar attitude when it comes to delivering freshness to its clients: hardworking, trustworthy, and most importantly, committed. With excellence, comes freshness, and not the other way around.