When we talk about fast food, what is the food that comes to your mind?If your answer is burger or fried chicken, you’re not alone…Fast food has become so predictable, so boring, and so not healthy that it raises one question in mind:Is there really no better alternative out there?

The Approach

Enter Chowking, a Filipino brand of quick service restaurant serving a better, more flavourful, more fulfilling alternative to your usual fast food affair. The problem is, it needs a brand refresh to upstage its more widely known competitors it is trying to dethrone, you know, the golden arches and crowns… As an underdog in the QSR game, we know we need something revolutionary, and it is exactly the route we are taking. Taking cues from a certain phenomenon happening in the west, we created the “Wok Culture” movement as the core of this rebranding exercise, representing the new wave of fast food movement that is fresher, more exciting, and tastier through Chinese-influenced meal that Chowking offers!
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