Fashion has always been a unique way to express individuality and personality. And yet, for years, a significant group of fashion enthusiasts has been left behind – those who love to wear modest clothing without compromising on style. The industry seemed to overlook this unique and vibrant segment, leaving them with limited options that often lacked the creativity to let them express themselves through style.

The Approach

But in swoops KHAT, the daring Emirati fashion label with a mission to revolutionize the modest fashion scene and paint it with a fresh, fashionable palette. KHAT has a crystal-clear manifesto: Modest wear can, and should, be anything but dull. With this rallying cry, the brand is determined to challenge the status quo and empower women who crave a fusion of daring style and modest elegance. In a world of bland, uninspiring clothing, KHAT steps up to offer a collection that makes a statement: bold, contemporary apparel that celebrates the vibrant differences in women today – all without sacrificing style, belief, or quality. With that, we created an identity to match the vibrance and boldness KHAT presents through its collection.
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