When it comes to the food we consume, there's no denying that quality matters. It's a simple truth – when we eat better, we feel better. But with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's easy for our food choices to become more about convenience than quality. While today,it’s definitely not a difficult task to find frozen or canned food in the supermarket aisle, getting them in a good quality is an entirely different story.

The Approach

This is where Farmila steps in with one mission in mind: MAKING GOOD, HIGH QUALITY PRODUCES ACCESSIBLE FOR MANY OUT THERE. Farmila believes that quick and convenient doesn’t have to be bad for your body. With ethical farming and selective harvesting process, it is possible to inject goodness to your frozen or canned food. To help Farmila's message resonate with their target audience, we crafted a compelling brand narrative through a stamp-like visual, as a mark of promise and excellence that Farmila offers. The overall art direction was crafted to exude warmth and trustworthiness, a far cry from the usually predictable and overused green color commonly seen on similar brands.
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