Ahh pet shops… Furry, lovable critters everywhere, with people who love them to the bone. Seems like a heaven for both humans and pets, right? Well it turns out, not so much… Pet shops and pet care services have become, for the lack of better words, too profit-oriented, ran by people who do not really care about the wellbeing of your furry buddies. Not exactly the place you would want to leave your pets at, do you?

The Approach

Knowing that, with her first-hand not-so-pet-friendly experience with one of the pet care services in the city, Aliya decided to take matters in her (and our) own hands, creating a full-service pet care center that truly does what it meant to: really take care of pets with the utmost attention and heart poured into it. A pet shop and care center, made by people who really care about them. We worked with Aliya to create an identity that speaks for itself. A brand that is deeply rooted in the funs and not-so-funs of pet-caring, acknowledging all of them and embracing them wholeheartedly through a brand communication that is not just loveable, but relatable as well, ranging from custom illustrations to cheeky copywriting.
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